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Complete Facade Access Solution for London Office Development


The Client

8 Build are a construction and fit out company based in London working across the UK and Asia in a multitude of sectors – from commercial and retail to residential and historic – they specialise in enhancing a building whether that is one floor or the whole structure, and their high-quality work can help change the way their clients ‘work, learn, rest and play’.

abseil rail 120 cannon street london

The Brief

Our team were required to devise a solution for façade access at their recent development – 120 Cannon Street, a redesigned office space in Central London which aims to deliver modern, high specification work spaces in the busy Capital city. The area has recently benefited from a transformation, with stylish restaurants and other amenities added to the area.

In order to maintain the new façade of the building, Heightsafe were required to develop a discreet work at height solution for the building that maintained the new aesthetic of the offices. A horizontal track system, along with davit arm systems and eyebolts were selected to provide the perfect solution.

The Solution

Heightsafe were able to provide different systems for each part of the building, depending on the requirements structurally and visually. The building is 9 floors high, with a curved corner and with each floor having a 2.5 metre floor to ceiling distance.

Davit Arms were installed at various points on the roof to BS EN 795:2012 Class A, BS 8610:2017 and BS 7883:2019, providing access around the curved roof edge, to allow safe and efficient façade access for operatives. Eyebolts were installed across the seven lower-level floors to allow operatives to securely attach themselves when completing any work at height. Finally, an abseil track system was installed at the request of the client to BS EN 795:2012 Class D, BS 8610:2017 and BS 7883:2019, to ensure operatives were able to access the remaining large portion of the façade for cleaning and maintenance.

The Outcome

The systems allow operatives access to the façade in a quick and safe manner to carry out necessary works for maintaining and cleaning the building. In a busy office district in Central London – efficiency was an important factor for why the systems chosen were used in this instance. Our team worked closely with the 8Build’s architect to determine which part of the structure would be the safest place to attach the systems and adapted as necessary for lack of space on the roof by suggesting the use of an abseil rail.

The systems provided a complete access solution both internally and externally for operatives required to work at height, ensuring they were always safe wherever they were doing so.

Do You Require a Rope Access Solution?

Contact the team today to discuss our range of façade access systems including Abseil Anchors, Davit Arm Systems, Building Maintenance Units, and Mobile Man Anchors.

Last Updated: 30th September 2021

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