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Kee Guard Installation for Birmingham Office Building


The Client

Weatherproofing Advisors, established more than four decades ago, specialise in the maintenance, repair and refurbishment of roofing and cladding on various different sites. With experience working in all market sectors, their team offer regional and national services through their five centres across the UK.

The Brief

Weatherproofing Advisors contacted Heightsafe to remove and replace a non-compliant Guardrail System on one of their sites in Birmingham. The guardrail needed to allow access to the service entrance of the building, and the access hatch to allowing operatives to reach plant equipment on the roof that requires servicing or maintenance works.

Kee Guard installation Birmingham Heightsafe

The Solution

Kee Guard Guardrail was the ideal solution for this project. It’s freestanding, non-penetrative and counterweighted design provides a collective edge protection solution, protecting those working on the roof space when carrying out necessary maintenance works.

Our skilled engineers Installed 60m of Kee Guard galvanised steel freestanding weighted Guardrail to provide comprehensive edge protection for those working on the roof.

The system is easy and efficient to install, it can quickly be amended to add, move, or remove sections where necessary in future – it could be the case that the perimeter of the roof needs collective protection and so the Kee Guard system can be modified with ease.

Kee Guard install heightsafe

The Outcome

The Guardrail system allows operatives to safely access the plant equipment and service entrance of the roof and freely roam around the area that is protected by edge protection.

The Guardrail has been installed and tested for compliance in accordance with BS EN 13374 Class A and BS 13700:2021.

kee guard guardrail install by heightsafe in birmingham

Kee Guard from Heightsafe

Heightsafe can supply, install, test and certify Guardrail, whether it be freestanding, folding or fixed. Kee Guard is suitable for most roof build ups, up to 10 degrees slope with no welding required to assemble. The weighted feet are manufactured from 100% recycled PVC compound and placed at every upright, with the uprights spaced a maximum of 3m and designed to suit a vertical height of 1100mm.

Contact us here to fill out an enquiry form or call us on 020 3819 7199 to discuss our various Edge Protection solutions and which one would be best for your site.

Services Provided:

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