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Kee Guard

Heightsafe are leading providers in Collective Edge Protection Systems such as Kee Guard and Kee Guard Premium.

Collective Edge Protection is the ideal Work at Height System to protect personnel from falls when working at height. Guardrail Systems, whether they are freestanding or fixed, offer a collective solution, and require no training to use so anyone can access your roof space where Guardrail is present.

What is Kee Guard?

Kee Guard is a modular free standing rooftop guardrail system which does not penetrate the roof membrane. The system works on a proven counterweight system, recycled PVC weights provide high visibility, non-slip secure base that does not penetrate the roof membrane. Galvanised fittings and tube deliver collective protection which ensures a safe working environment for anyone working on a roof.

The Kee Guard roof edge protection system offers maximum flexibility for most rooftop configurations, almost any flat roof up to 10 degrees can be accommodated. The system is available for different roof types, either for use where a restraining wall such as a parapet is in place or where the rooftop is completely open around the perimeter. The Kee Guard rooftop guardrail system can be used for retrofitting to older buildings as well as for new constructions.

Kee Gaurd Installation by Heightsafe Engineers


Kee Guard Premium

Ideal for roofs with limited space, or areas with plant systems or solar panels – Kee Guard Premium has a compact base weight offering an ideal freestanding solution, with no need to penetrate the roof build up.

Kee Guard Premium Guardrail Systems

The system features all the same benefits of standard Kee Guard; recycled PVC bases, galvanised steel components and a versatile design to cater for any obstacles a roof may pose.


Kee Gate

Kee Gate is a fully adjustable, self-closing Safety Gate that can be used in conjunction with Kee Guard and Kee Guard Premium Guardrail Systems. Kee Gate is an ideal solution to protect any openings such as roof hatches, restricted areas and ladder and stairs access points.

Kee Gate example in a warehouse setting

Kee Gates are available as single or double gates and can be made full height with Kee Guard Guardrail Systems. The spring-loaded mechanism means the gate closes behind the user automatically, providing a complete collective solution.


Why Choose Heightsafe for your Kee Guard Installation?

Heightsafe have built a reputation as one of the leading Work at Height companies in the UK, providing both testing and installations of various types of Work at Height Systems.

Now that Heightsafe are part of the Kee Safety Group, we can offer the same unrivalled service and expertise, along with access to a robust supply chain; with our Kee Guard and Kee Gate Systems manufactured and rigorously tested here in the UK. Contact us today for a free quotation.

Kee Guard from Heightsafe Systems

Heightsafe are leading providers in Collective Edge Protection Systems such as Kee Guard and Kee Guard Premium. Contact us today for a free quotation.

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