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3 Benefits of Rope Access Maintenance

Complex façades with challenging access routes are now reachable with innovative Work at Height systems that allow trained Rope Access technicians to safely abseil down the façade of a building to complete maintenance tasks.

Take a look at our three benefits…


  • Cost-effective: Rope Access services are fast and efficient, meaning maintenance tasks can be completed in a quicker timeframe – resulting in minimum budgetary expenditure with more time to focus on core business activity.


  • Safety: Rope Access technicians undergo lengthy training to ensure they are skilled to the highest of standards – with a high focus on tool control, safe ways of working and rescue plans written by experts, safety is never compromised.


  • Flexibility: in the UK we are all too familiar with inclement weather, and when Working at Height this should be a major consideration. Rescheduling MEWP’s can quickly become an expensive and logistical challenge, especially at short notice. When opting for Rope Access in your PPM schedule, flexibility of service delivery can easily be met.


Protect your building’s exterior fabric with Heightsafe’s specialist Work at Height Rope Access maintenance teams.


Did You Know?

In the UK alone, there are 2,375 high-rise buildings spanning from residential towers to office blocks.

1,761 in London, 192 in Glasgow, 166 in Birmingham, 138 in Manchester and 118 in Leeds. It is suspected that a high majority of these high-rise buildings are without appropriate Work at Height equipment, putting thousands of maintenance personnel at risk each day.

Heightsafe’s Davit Arms and Industrial Abseiling Anchors guarantee full coverage to your external fabric and ensure that your building’s structure is safe from potential damage.

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