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Keep Workers Safe with Skylight Protection Systems

Fragile Roofs and Lights can be a significant hazard without the correct Skylight Protection in place before any works takes place.

Fragile Roofs and Lights can be a significant hazard without the correct Skylight Protection in place before any works takes place.

The 2022 HSE Workplace Fatal Injuries Report has again found Falls from Height to be the biggest cause of workplace fatalities in the UK. In fact, it has been the most common cause of workplace fatalities since 2017.

There needs to be a substantial shift in the way many businesses approach Working at Height, and there needs to be more of an emphasis on the consequences of not putting adequate measure in place to prevent or protect workers from dangerous falls.

Falls from Height

Often, falls occur due to a lack of knowledge surrounding the dangers present when working at height or on a roof space. Fragile Roofs and Roof Lights can be a significant hazard without the correct protection or Risk Assessment in place before any works takes place.

Findings by the HSE have shown that falls through fragile surfaces, roofs (particularly fibre-cement roofs) and rooflights account for 22% of all falls from height fatal injuries in the construction sector.

In June 2022, an investigation by the HSE found a Blackburn based company guilty, after a worker fell 30 feet through a skylight in 2020 and suffered life-changing injuries.

There is a responsibility for all those involved where work at height is concerned – contractors and employers have a duty to mitigate any potential hazards. Death and serious injury can occur when safety precautions aren’t taken, and training isn’t provided for those at risk when carrying out their work.

The Need for Skylight Protection

Skylights pose a particularly unassuming risk on roofs, with the most obvious risk being the roof edge. Skylights can often be hard to distinguish from the rest of the roof sheets due to paint colour. In the Winter, skylights can sometimes be covered over by snow, leaves, and other debris, making them even harder to identify. Skylights can become brittle over time which can make them more susceptible to cracking, making them even more fragile.

Heightsafe Skylight Protection Compliance Testing

Skylight Protection is the most effective way to combat the risks that come with such fragile surfaces on roof spaces. A thorough Risk Assessment should be first carried out, to determine the hazards. Heightsafe provide on-site Risk Assessments which our Design and Estimating team use to devise the perfect Fall Protection Solution to suit your site’s needs.

It is important to consider all instances where the area could be accessed, by employees and contractors, approved personnel and even trespassers.

Skylight Protection from Heightsafe

Heightsafe offer different types of Skylight Protection to suit the skylights themselves, such as Galvanized Steel Mesh Skylight Covers and Freestanding Edge Protection. Mesh Covers can be directly fixed to the roof sheets, whereas Guardrail Systems offer a non-penetrative solution to keep your workers safe around rooflights.

Contact a member of our installation team to discuss Skylight Protection for your roof space. Fill out an enquiry form here or call 020 3819 7199.

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