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Aluminium Walkways and Restraint Safety Lines Installation

Recently, Heightsafe’s assistance was requested to assist with the installation of Aluminium Walkways and Fall Arrest Safety Line Systems on the waterfront of a frequently used ferry terminal. Regular Work at Height maintenance is required to ensure the terminal is fully operational and safe, meaning operatives required these solutions.

Altogether, there was 226m of Aluminium Walkway installed, with an additional installation of a Fixed Fall Arrest Safety Line System. Since the Walkway was next to the waterfront, it was imperative that the Safety Line solutions were installed to prevent personnel from accidentally falling into the water below.

To ensure these systems were installed efficiently and safely, Heightsafe acquired a crane to lift the walkway into place and following this, Heightsafe’s Installation operatives fixed the system into the roof of the terminal. Once the Walkway was installed, the Fall Arrest System was then rivet fixed into the adjacent roof, which would allow safe access around the roof space.

Following installation, Heightsafe personnel carried out rigorous inspections of the new systems to ensure they were fixed correctly and met industry regulations. Once Compliance Testing had been completed, operatives were able to tag and certify all 226m of the Aluminium Walkway, as well as the new Fall Arrest Safety Line.

Now that the systems have been fully installed, operatives are able to carry out various Work at Height tasks knowing that they are as secure as possible and that they are using certified and regulatory standard solutions. The new Walkway also provides access to the drainage pipes and systems, meaning coherent Gutter Cleaning can now be carried out safely. As a bonus, operatives will be met with fantastic views of the waterfront, while meeting Work at Height regulations at the same time.


What is an Aluminium Walkway?

Aluminium Walkways are an ideal Work at Height solution for operatives that need to access fragile roof coverings. These Walkways are lightweight but also strong, which means they can withstand heavy loads and large equipment. They are very versatile systems that can be fitted on all rough types, and other benefits of this solution include low maintenance, low fire risk and a non-slip tread design, meaning they are accessible regardless of weather conditions.


For more information on Heightsafe’s Roof Access and Fall Protection solutions, and to get advice and a quote for a system, contact us online or on 020 3819 7199.

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