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Anti Slip Walkways

At Heightsafe Systems, safety is our top priority. Our Anti Slip Walkways are designed to eliminate slip-related accidents and injuries, whether in indoor or outdoor settings. We are committed to creating hazard-free environments that protect the safety of personnel and the general public, reducing the risk of accidents before they occur.

Last Updated: 7th May 2024

Key Features of Heightsafe Systems Anti Slip Walkways

Exceptional Durability: Our walkway surfaces are highly durable, built to outlast traditional anti-slip tapes, floor paints, and coatings. Crafted from a composite of Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) substrates and polyester resins, they endure the test of time, providing a long-lasting safety solution.

Versatile and Lightweight: Engineered to be lightweight, our anti slip walkways are adaptable to various applications and easy to handle during installation. This makes them an ideal choice for retrofitting, ensuring a quick and efficient solution for eliminating hazards on existing slippery surfaces.

Superior Slip Resistance: Incorporated within the structure are grit granules of high-grade Aluminium Oxide, delivering an exceptional level of slip resistance. Whether barefoot, pedestrian, or industrial use, our walkways offer the right grit grade to suit the specific requirements.

Customisable Solutions: At Heightsafe Systems, we understand that each project may have unique specifications. Hence, we offer a wide array of choices, including different grit grades, RAL colours, and specifications, ensuring a tailored solution for every need and budget.

Compliance and Quality Assurance: Our walkways meet the stringent UK Building Regulations, reflecting our commitment to quality and safety standards. Manufactured and imported from ISO 9001 accredited trading partners, they undergo rigorous checks to maintain the finest quality and consistent finish.

Why Choose Heightsafe Systems Anti Slip Walkways?

With a proven track record of providing superior safety solutions, Heightsafe Systems stands out in the industry. Our walkways not only offer top-notch safety features but also provide rapid cutting, quick delivery, and simple installation, minimising downtime and maximising safety.

Investing in Heightsafe Systems Anti Slip Walkways is a proactive step toward creating a safe environment for personnel and the public, especially in areas prone to slip-related hazards. Contact us at Heightsafe Systems today to learn more about our comprehensive range of fall protection solutions and how our anti-slip walkways can enhance safety at your premises.

Contact Heightsafe Systems Today

Ready to elevate safety with our Walkways? Contact Heightsafe Systems now for expert consultation and swift deployment of our cutting-edge safety solutions.

Why Heightsafe?

The UK’s leading Roof Access for Work and Height company!

Heightsafe are the UK’s leading choice for all Work at Height and Roof Access requirements, including specialist Roofing Walkway systems. Expert installation teams are highly qualified and receive regular refresher training to ensure the highest quality service for clients nationwide. Focus on core business activity as Heightsafe act as your specialist partner, providing you with peace of mind peace of mind knowing that you are in safe and trusted hands.


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Your Specialist Roofing Walkway Partner!

Get in touch with Heightsafe’s friendly, professional team today for free, no obligation advice on your Anti-Slip Roofing Walkway requirements.

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