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Don’t Walk Away from Rooftop Safety

Facts and figures from the HSE show that roofers now account for 24% of those who are killed from a fall at height, whilst many others are seriously injured. Roofers are exposed to a number of dangers when working at height such as fragile skylights and fragile roof structures. For this reason it is vital that all employers, building owners and managers are aware of the HSE’s guidance on Health and Safety in roof work as well as the Work at Height Regulations 2005 (WAHR) to ensure that the correct safety equipment is in place to reduce the risks of working at height, such as a roof walkway system.

In relation to the HSE’s hierarchy of risk management, where work at height cannot be avoided, safety equipment such as roof walkways and roof light protection must be put in place in order to help prevent or eliminate the risk of falls occurring. If an employer, building owner or manager fails to do this and an incident were to occur, there could be hefty fines and serious penalties.

For example, in September 2016 supermarket giant, Tesco, was fined after a worker was injured from falling 30 feet through a fragile skylight onto the trading area floor. The investigation concluded that the fragile skylights should have been identified and precautions taken.

Through the use of equipment such as roof walkways, roofers can identify a more stable and secure means of travelling around a roof avoiding fragile areas such as skylights. These walkway systems also help to distribute the pedestrian load evenly across the walkway, making fragile roof access safer for workers.

 Here at Heightsafe Systems we provide a number of uPVC, GRP, anti slip and lighter aluminium roof walkway systems to provide a safe means of access to a roof. Our walkways include:

  • GRP and Anti Slip roof walkways– These walkways are non-corroding, light weight and high strength, using the highest quality raw materials. The GRP grating is designed to provide a safe and long-lasting solution to roof access and provides slip resistance to users.
  • uPVC walkways– UPVC StrideSafe® walkway system creates safe access for general cleaning and maintenance purposes when work at height cannot be avoided. It can be used alongside a cable or track system to provide restraint or fall arrest and is manufactured from a strong, non-slip tread.
  • Aluminium walkways– Our aluminium walkwayis available in a choice of distinct profiles, each individually designed to suit a variety of requirements and environments. It’s one third the weight of steel and the aluminium does not burn or corrode to provide a strong and sturdy solution.

We also ensure walkway systems remain compliant by notifiying employers and building managers/ owners a month prior to the recommended test date, so that it can be scheduled in advance. If you would like more information on the walkways we offer here at Heightsafe, contact us  on: 020 3819 7199

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