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Step Over Units for Plant Equipment

Last Updated: 19th April 2022

Help personnel avoid obstacles that could be potential trip or fall hazards when Working at Height with specialist Step Over Units.

Providing safe access over plant equipment, pipe work or changing roof levels, Heightsafe’s Step Over Units can be tailored to your specific requirements, helping employees and contractors avoid obstacles that could be potential trip or fall hazards when completing maintenance work at height.

Units are manufactured with non-penetrative wide feet to spread the weight of the step over the unit and not damage the integrity of the roof by fixing to it.

  • Freestanding non-penetrative
  • Quick and easy to assemble
  • Flat packed for ease of transportation

Ship Ladders and Step Units only provide a solution for safe access, for compliant edge protection take a look at our Fall Protection Systems– the HSE advises that a collective measure (e.g. Guardrail) should always take priority over a personal measure (e.g. Safety Line).

  • Available for
    • Install
    • Supply
    • Hire

    Finishes: Hot Dip Galvanisation and Powder Coating to any RAL colour

  • Attachable Roof Type
    • Concrete Deck
    • Timber
    • Felted
    • Metal
  • Legislation and Standards / Testing and Compliance

    It is recommended under the guidance of PUWER regulations that Ship Ladders and Step Over Units should be tested and inspected for compliance at frequencies not exceeding 12 months, dependent on frequency of use. Heightsafe also provide Testing and Maintenance, ensuring that your access systems are compliant.

    Contact us immediately if you see signs of:

    • Loose or missing fittings or fixtures
    • Ladder tracks not running freely
    • Snapped ladder ties
    • Corrosion or rust
    • Bent or dented ladders
  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: What sizes are ship ladders and step units available in?
    A: Heightsafe’s ladders and units are available in any size required by the application in which it is being utilised.


    Q: Can ship ladders be built to a custom height and angle?
    A: Yes, the standard angle of ladders is 30degrees, however this can be adjusted


    Q: What is the warranty for ship ladders and step units?
    A: Custom built ladders and step units have a standard 10-year warranty


    Q: Do the systems come with handrails?
    A: Ladders traditionally have handrails on either side, however these can be custom designed to suit any application. Units should have at least one handrail for safety, although a separate guardrail can also be designed around the unit


    Q: How long are the handrail upstands on ship ladders?
    A: These can be custom designed to suit the application but are normally at least 1100mm in height if at height


    Q: Are ship ladders one piece fixed, or can they be hinged and folded for storage?
    A: Ladders should always be structurally fixed with no break or hinge in the integral design


    Q: Can step units be designed to include turns in their direction?
    A: Yes, bespoke units are available and can be integrated with walkways, other metalwork or GRP structures

Why Heightsafe?

The UK’s leading Work at Height company for Roof Access equipment.

With over 50 years of combined experience, Heightsafe are the safest choice for your Work at Height, Fall Protection, Façade and Roof Access requirements. Step Over Units are designed and installed to meet individual site requirements, ensuring safety for your personnel Working at Height.

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Your Specialist Work at Height Partner!

Get in touch with Heightsafe’s friendly, professional team today for free, no obligation advice on your Step Over Unit requirements.

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