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BMU Installation at WEM London


The Client

Standing at 80 meters tall with 21 floors, WEM London, formerly known as Wembley Point (and before that – Station House) has recently undergone a complete renovation with a newly re-cladded façade; and has subsequently been converted into a modern concept of living with a communal, business and wellbeing area on the ground floor, and 440 apartments on the 20 floors above.

Situated in North West London, the building has been redeveloped by RGB Group, and now managed by Canada Israel with completion scheduled for this month.

RGB Group required a solution to access the façade of the building for maintenance and cleaning, and so called upon the services of Heightsafe. Our team were more than happy to provide a Building Maintenance Unit (BMU) which will be able to service the whole building as required.


The Brief

WEM London will now be a residential building with fully renovated interiors offering modern living spaces in London – is a building with a fairly complex façade, in that it isn’t a standard rectangular structure. Due to the nature of the building, Heightsafe were tasked with deciding on the best façade access solution that would not only be suitable for the design of the building, but would also be cost effective due to the frequency in which the façade may need to be accessed.

The Solution

A Building Maintenance Unit was the optimal choice for the needs of the building, the long-term requirements of the façade management make this a cost-effective choice. BMU’s are designed bespoke to the building requirements by our partners XS Platforms, who provide access for the most complex facades around the world, and who minimise the visual impact of the BMU on the building’s appearance meaning the unit will be out of site when not in use.

Heightsafe are the exclusive partner of XS Platforms in the UK, meaning no other work at height company are able to offer the world-class solutions we do.

BMU London Install WEM Heightsafe 2

The Outcome

RGB Group needed a façade access solution, and due to the complex design, shape and size of the building, a BMU was the ideal solution to maintain the façade. Due to their bespoke design, ability to be hidden when not in use, flexibility in maintaining the whole façade, and longevity of use, a BMU was the perfect choice for RGB Group. Heightsafe also offer professional maintenance and compliance testing as per the British Standards of the unit, meaning there will be minimal downtime for maintenance of the unit.

BMU London Install WEM Heightsafe 1

Speak to a Member of Our Team

To discuss why a BMU could be the ideal solution for your facade access needs, contact our installation team today.

Simply call 020 3819 7199, use our inquiry form here or one of our experts will be available via our live chat function.


Last Updated: 29th September 2021

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