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Safe Access Solution for Port of Liverpool Dock


Project Video

The Client

Peel Ports is the second largest port group in the UK, handling over 70 million tonnes of cargo from around the world each year. The Port of Liverpool is one with deep-rooted history in the Maritime Industry; and after the first ever wet dock was completed in the early 1700’s with over 40 docks built thereafter, Liverpool was solidified as one of the world’s leading ports.

As one of the country’s best-connected ports, the Port of Liverpool site operates two container terminals – the Royal Seaforth Container Terminal (RSCT) and more recently Liverpool2. Liverpool2 has benefited from £400m investment in 2016 with the creation of a deep-sea terminal, which has secured an even more exciting future ahead for the Port.

The Brief

Heightsafe were instructed by Peel Ports to carry out an initial Risk Assessment on site at the Gladstone Dock, to discover what type of access is required to reach the gates from the dock edge. Ships of all sizes use the dock, and require unobstructed access to the dock wall, meaning anyone working nearby must wear an expandable life jacket for protection.

Our installation team decided the best solution for access to the gate below would be a Davit Arm System, which users can attach on to and safety lower down onto the gate below. A Safety Line System was also required to be installed on the gate itself to allow safe access when the gates are being used by Peel Ports operatives.

The Solution

Recess sockets were fitted into the dock wall, where the Davit Arm System will attach into, and can be taken away when not in use. This allows full flexibility of the system and means when it is not in use it won’t get in the way of other day-to-day operations taking place at the dock. The Davit System allows users to safely access and egress onto the gates where required.

The Safety Line System will be installed on top of the gates, and alongside Peel Ports own safety processes, provides safe access for those required to work on the gates.

The Outcome

Heightsafe were able to provide safe access to and from the gate from the dock wall using a Davit Arm System, safe access whilst on the gate itself using a Safety Line System, and full Training for those using the systems to ensure they are used correctly.

Work at Height Solutions for the Maritime Industry

If you require a bespoke solution for safe access while working at height next to the sea, don’t hesitate to contact our Special Projects team who can discuss your project and provide a full assessment of what solution Heightsafe can provide.

Contact us here or call us on 020 3819 7199.

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