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More UK Lightning Strikes Last Week than All of 2022

According to the Met Office, more than half of the Lightning Strikes in the UK this year have taken place last week between Sunday and Wednesday alone. Ensure you are protected with a Lightning Protection System from Heightsafe.

Last updated: 23/08/2022

Summer showers signalled the end of the latest UK heatwave last week, with heavy rainfall and thunderstorms following on from record-breaking temperatures in many areas of the country last week.

The Met Office’s Lightning location system registered 49,439 lightning strikes so far this year, with 26, 718 of those strikes taking place between Sunday and Wednesday of last week (15 – 17 August 2022).

Now is a better time than any to ensure your building has the correct Lightning Protection and Surge Arrest System in place.

Lightning Protection and Surge Arrest Systems

Heightsafe have an experienced Lightning Protection Division who can design, install and test Lightning Protection and Surge Arrest Systems to both British and European Standards.

Lightning Protection Systems are designed to intercept, conduct, and disperse Lightning Strikes safely to earth. Lightning Strikes can have a devastating effect on a building without the correct protection in place. In the most extreme instances, a direct strike can result in death or serious injury. Other issues can arise in the form of fires, structural damage, and loss of vital systems in a building.

Surge Arrest Systems are designed to prevent a secondary strike that would cause an overvoltage to the electric systems in a building. Secondary Surges can lead to damage of critical computer systems, and loss of vital data and work.

COMAH and DSEAR Regulations

Although Lightning Protection is not required by British Law, some buildings are required to have the correct protection in place if they fall under COMAH 2015 or DSEAR 2002 regulations.

Buildings that are home to explosive or flammable materials, or those that manufacture such materials must have Lightning Protection in place as the effects of a strike to one of these buildings can be much more devastating due to the explosive nature of the contents.

Lightning Protection from the Experts at Heightsafe

Heightsafe’s dedicated Lightning Protection division will conduct an in-depth survey and risk assessment of your building, and our Estimating team will design a bespoke system to suit your specific building requirements and project budget.

Contact the team on 020 3819 7199 or fill out an enquiry form here.

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Lightning Protection and Surge Protection Installation

Shield your people and assets from the devastating effects of a Lightning strike to your commercial or industrial property with Heightsafe’s specialist systems.

Lightning Protection Testing and Maintenance

Lightning Protection Testing and Maintenance is essential to ensure your Lightning Protection and Surge Arrest Systems are compliant with regulations and in full working order to protect your people and assets from a strike.

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