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Lightning Protection Testing and Maintenance

Lightning Protection Systems
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Lightning strikes are undoubtedly one of the most serious and often overlooked causes of damage to buildings and their contents. More importantly, at its worst a lightning strike can be fatal. Heightsafe Systems can provide a fully qualified service to ensure that your building, contents and people are protected from such eventuality.

All Lightning Conductor systems installed post 2008 are required to be tested in accordance with BS EN 62305:2011. Any Lightning Conductor systems installed prior to 2008 are required to be tested in accordance with the previous British Standard BS6651:1999. Heightsafe System’s Lightning Protection Technicians are fully qualified to test Lightning Conductor Systems to both of these British Standards.

When testing a Lightning Conductor system, it is vital to take into account the seasonal variations. Therefore Heightsafe Systems recommends that retests are conducted every 11 months. This will ensure that your Lightning Conductor system is fully compliant all year round.

At Heightsafe Systems we are committed to providing our clients with the best possible service and organisational tools to keep your systems compliant. In order to do this, we provide a variety of services;

  • Tests will be carried out by fully qualified Lightning Protection Technicians and Work at Height specialists
  • Certificates will be provided showing the readings of each earth electrode position and highlighting the outcome of the test
  • Reports will be provided to our client with a list of recommendations for improvements required on the Lightning Conductor system
  • Our in-house CAD Technician will provide you with a drawing indicating where the earth electrode positions are located for future reference
  • Our operatives will take images before and after any repairs take place.
  • We can combine Lightning Conductor retests with annual or 6 monthly inspections of your safety lines, eyebolts, abseil points, access ladders, PPE kit or edge protection – saving you money and visits to site

Clients will be provided with their own personal log in details to access our online tracking tool. Heightsafe Systems will upload certificates, location maps and images which you can access at your own convenience. All of these documents can be downloaded and printed off for your own records.

The online tracking tool highlights when the retest of the Lightning Conductor system is due, it also fires an alert to Heightsafe Systems 1 month prior to the retest due date. This guarantees that we never miss a retest and your Lightning Conductor system is always compliant, providing your building, the contents, and people inside it the best possible protection.

Heightsafe systems lightning protection division can provide a full turnkey package or a standalone service. We will listen closely and understand completely our client’s requirements and provide them with a competitive fixed price solution.

In order to provide the best quality service, Heightsafe Systems ensure all our Lightning Protection Specialists have undergone extensive and thorough training in the requirements of the BS EN 62305:2011 and all further required legislation, including the previous British standard, BS 6651. By having such highly trained Specialists, we are able to carry out work in all aspects of Lightning Protection, including surveying property to ensure our clients receive the most suitable form of lightning protection, repairs and 11 monthly compliance testing to guarantee you are protected throughout every season of the year.

The Effects of a Lightning Strike

There are numerous effects caused by lightning strikes, not only to the direct strike point, but also the secondary knock on effects. Many of these can result in loss of earnings for both individuals and businesses, and severe disruption to the public, which is why it is crucial to keep your lightning protection systems up to date. Some of which are:

  • Fire
  • Death or serious injury
  • Computer systems shutting down
  • Radio signals failing
  • Loss of vital data
  • Personal items damaged
  • Structural damage
  • Loss of religious and cultural heritage
  • Alarm systems failing
  • Loss of public services
  • Phone lines cut off
  • Plumbing systems demolished
  • And many more…

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