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Roofing firm in court after teenager breaks back in fall

A building firm have been fined £10,000 after a 17 year old mental health patient broke her back and pelvis when she fell 6 meters from the Royal Preston Hospital’s roof (In Fullwood).

W Hughes and Son Ltd were prosecuted by the H.S.E after the company were found of failing to provide any height safety equipment on the roof of the hospital.

The 17 year old was rescued by emergency services who had to remove a hospital window to free her from the gap between the buildings where she had fallen. The girl was in hospital for weeks as a result of her injuries.

At Heightsafe Systems Ltd, we have a range of Collective Guardrail and Edge Protection Systems to suit all requirements, they ensure you have protective measures in place and can prevent injuries as well as any lawsuits that will likely follow.

Below is a brief overview of the different types of systems we can offer:


Collective Edge Protection/Guardrail Systems

There are a variety of guardrail systems we offer to prevent falls from the edge of a roof top when working at height. All of our products can be for supply only, install and/or hire. They are also available in a selection of materials: galvanised, aluminium as well as powder coating. All our systems are manufactured to British safety standards.

All our guardrail is height adjustable using just a 5mm allen key. This helps future proof the rail for regulation changes in relation to height.

Please take a moment to try our Guardrail Pricing Wizard which will give you an instant no obligation quote based on your requirements.


Freestanding Weighted Guardrail

Our freestanding weighted guardrail is a system that does not require any fixing into the roof itself. The guardrail is weighted every 5 meters which gives collective strength, rigidity and hold on the roof. The rail can be erected on a permanent or temporary basis making it perfect for any requirement including hire.

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Folding Guardrail

This system works similarly to the freestanding guardrail as it doesn’t require any fittings to the roof, the primary difference is that it’s collapsible so when not in use, it can be folded out of sight from ground level. This is perfect for any preservation or heritage sites where guardrail is required without having to always be in sight.

Like all our Guardrail Systems we offer a powder coating option with a colour of your choice.

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Parapet Guardrail

People often think that it’s ok to work on a roof with if they have a parapet; however, this is only considered safe if the parapet is over 1 meter in height. Our parapet guardrail system is great for areas where there’s already a parapet wall in place, but isn’t high enough for protection. This system clamps to the parapet wall giving full collective protection around the face of a building.

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Fixed Guardrail

Our fixed edge protection system has been designed to be fixed to all roof types as well as walls and parapets in a top and side fix fashion.

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