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Compliance Testing for Continental Tyres


What the Client Required

Recently, Heightsafe carried out Compliance Testing on a variety of assets for Continental Tyres. Continental Tyres are a multinational car tyre and parts giant founded in 1871, who are responsible for producing the first grooved tyre back in 1904 and remain at the helm of the industry to this day. Continental required a variety of different equipment testing for compliance, including Lightning Protection Systems, Access Ladders and Guardrails. As Continental required so many areas tested, they contacted the Working at Height market leaders, Heightsafe.

Lightning Protection Remedials

Lightning strikes are potentially one of the most impactful, yet overlooked threats to your operations, and they are more common than you might think. The direct strike point and secondary overvoltage surge causes numerous complications ranging from fires and power loss to death and serious injury. With this in mind, we suggest that Lightning Protection equipment is tested every 11 months to ensure year-round compliance.

Heightsafe deployed one of its fully qualified Lightning Protection Engineers to Continental’s premises to test and survey two lightning rods installed atop the roof of their building to ensure they are working at the optimal level. Upon inspection, our engineer discovered that there was some requirement for remedial work on one of the rods as it posed a health and safety risk at its current height and would need to be lowered. Continental was pleased with the outcome and enlisted HeightSafe to complete the remedial work, thus ensuring complete compliance for the next 11 months. All Lightning Conductor systems in the UK are required to be tested in accordance with either NFC-17-102:2011 or IEC/BS EN 62305:2011 parts 1-4 in which each of our Lightning Protection Technicians are fully qualified in testing.

Heightsafe have had the pleasure of carrying out inspections, compliance checks and remedial works on a significant number of Lightning Protection Systems over the years, garnering extensive experience in the field and thus becoming the market leader for both the installation and maintenance of Lightning Protection Systems.

Safety Inspection of Guardrails

Continental had a total of 75 new Guardrails installed on the roof of their premises, and each one required a full inspection to be certified compliant. A member of our specialist team surveyed each Guardrail and was able to certify them as safe and complying with regulatory standards. Guardrails are another aspect of your business premises that need to be frequently inspected to ensure compliance to avoid any unnecessary accidents and liabilities. In high winds and extreme weather, Guardrails can shift and loosen from their fixings, which may not be visible from the ground.

Ensuring Access Ladder and Step Unit Safety

When HeightSafe’s inspection teams arrived at Continental’s premises, they tested five Access Ladders that are located at various points around the building and four Up-and-Over Step Units. Each individual piece of equipment was fully inspected to regulation standards and certified compliant by our experienced team. Businesses must ensure that all of their Working at Height and Safety Systems are inspected regularly to ensure they remain compliant and within regulations at all times, even if some equipment isn’t as vigorously used as others.

Compliance Testing Experts

It is Heightsafe’s wealth of knowledge and experience in Compliance Testing and inspections that make us market leaders in Working at Height and Safety Systems. Our bespoke solutions have been connected to various clients for over ten years including Chester Zoo, Travelodge, footballing giants Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspur, and a whole host of other clients, with our services being utilised by over 12,000 clients totalling to almost 50,000 compliance visits.

Each of our clients receives access to an online portal where they can view all of their compliance certificates and check when their equipment is due for its annual inspection to ensure your equipment is always up to regulation standards. If your business requires Compliance Testing solutions, Contact our friendly and experienced Compliance Testing division today.

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