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Façade Access Installation at 65 Davies Street


The Client

Multiplex Construction is a renowned construction company with a global presence, dedicated to constructing a better future through iconic and world-class projects. With offices in Australia, the Middle East, United Kingdom, and Canada, Multiplex has a proven track record of delivering exceptional projects for both public and private clients in major cities and regional areas worldwide.

The Brief

Heightsafe was entrusted with the task of designing and installing a comprehensive facade access system for the prestigious 65 Davies Street project. The objective was to ensure safe and efficient access for maintenance and cleaning tasks upon the project’s completion. The solution called for the installation of bespoke trellis ladders, davit arms and safety lines around the building’s perimeter.

The Solution

In response to the project’s unique challenges, Heightsafe devised a tailored solution to meet the safety and access needs of 65 Davies Street. The following components were installed and rigorously tested:

Safety Lines: Three safety lines were strategically placed to create secure working areas and minimise risks while working on the building’s façade. These safety lines meet the highest standards of safety regulations.

Davit Arms: Three davit arms were installed to allow operatives to abseil down the façade of the building for inspection, maintenance, and cleaning tasks. The davit arms were designed and tested to meet the most stringent safety standards.

Davit Arm Sockets and Plates: To ensure the stability and reliability of the davit arms, 3 davit arm sockets and 39 bespoke davit plates were securely installed around the perimeter of the building, adhering to the highest safety standards.

Trellis Ladder: A bespoke trellis ladder was built and installed on the façade of building to give access to each floor level, offering a unique solution to the challenging environment.

The Outcome

The Façade Access Solutions provided by Heightsafe at 65 Davies Street delivers a complete safety package for both roof and façade access. The successful installation and rigorous testing of the safety lines, davit arms, and trellis ladder have enhanced the safety and efficiency of accessing the building’s façade.

With this solution in place, when the construction of the building is complete and access to the façade is required for maintenance and cleaning tasks, these activities can be conducted efficiently and safely. This not only ensures the well-being of maintenance personnel but also minimises disruption for residents.

Heightsafe is proud to have contributed to the success of the 65 Davies Street project, aligning with Multiplex Construction’s commitment to constructing a better future by prioritising safety and efficiency in all aspects of the project.

Contact Us

If you require similar safety solutions or wish to explore the various systems we offer, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Our expert team is readily available to assist and ensure the safety and efficiency of your projects. Together, we can construct a better, safer future.

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