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Lightning Protection Works for Student Accomodation Company


The Client

CRM Students are one of the leading independent management brands in the UK for student accommodation. Operating over 50 student schemes covering more than 23,000 bed spaces, CRM Students have more than 15 years’ experience in successfully delivering their clients objectives.

CRM Students manage the assets of corporate, university and institutional investors, and work closely with their clients to ensure a safe environment is created for their residents, employees, and local community.

The Brief

Heightsafe have an established relationship with CRM Students after working together on a number of projects. CRM Students reached out to Heightsafe’s dedicated Lightning Protection Division and asked for an initial survey of an existing system. During our first test and inspection on this site, our engineers identified some issues that required immediate remedial action.

The system needed a new air termination system installing, as the current system didn’t cover the fourth or fifth level of the building. Ground works were required including braking out concrete pits, adding additional rods, and removing obstructive barriers. Bonding works on the plant and metallic aspects of the building was also required along with multiple down conductor repairs.

The Solution

After speaking with the client and expressing our concerns with the current system, Heightsafe’s highly skilled Estimators began working on a detailed quotation for the recommended remedial works. Our experienced Lightning Protection Engineers attended site to carry out the works to rectify the existing system.

All ground works were rectified, and a new air termination system was installed. The bonding works were completed along with the down conductor repairs and our engineers carried out a full retest of the system, which is now a PASS.

Lightning Protection System for CRM Students

The Outcome

CRM Students can be sure their Lightning Protection System is now fully compliant, in good working order and in line with the current British Standard. The system is designed to protect the structure in the event of a strike, providing a conductive path for the electrical charge to follow and disperse the energy safely into the ground, limiting the overall damage to the building, its occupants, and its electrical systems.

Lightning Protection Systems from Heightsafe

The works completed on this project highlight the importance of checking your system annually. At Heightsafe we have engineers with over 10 years’ experience in the industry and extensive knowledge in this sector. Our clients can rest assured that the works being carried out is to the highest standard and by people who care.

To get a quote or discuss any queries you may have please get in touch on 020 3819 7199, drop us an email on [email protected] or fill out an enquiry form here.

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