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Lightning Protection and Surge Arrester Systems

Protect your property, people and assets with Heightsafe’s specialist Lightning Protection services, from installation and compliance testing to bespoke risk assessments.

Please Note: The Lightning Protection service offered by Heightsafe Systems is closed as of 31st August 2023.


At Heightsafe Systems a properly installed Lightning Protection and Surge Protection system, will not only protect the structure of a property, it will protect your people and your assets, so don’t be caught by a ‘bolt from the blue’, contact one of our Specialist Lightning Protection Consultants to discuss design, installation and maintenance. The well-known saying that ‘lightning doesn’t strike twice’ is not a complete fallacy, and the fact that global warming is something we all need to be considering, and what we can do to avoid the devastating consequences, needs to be fully considered and acted upon.

The purpose of a Lightning Protection system is to intercept, conduct and disperse a lightning strike safely to earth. Without any form of Lightning Protection, you put your people, build structure and assets at risk. Lightning Protection is not a legal requirement for all buildings in the UK, however, there are many buildings and regulations that must comply with HSE regulations such as COMAH 2015 and DESAR 2012.

Heightsafe’s team of expert Lightning Engineers can install Lightning Protection and Surge Protection systems that will give you peace of mind when it comes to keeping your people, assets and buildings safe.

Lightning Protection and Surge Protection Installation

Shield your people and assets from the devastating effects of a Lightning strike to your commercial or industrial property with Heightsafe’s specialist systems.

Lightning Protection Testing and Maintenance

Lightning Protection Testing and Maintenance is essential to ensure your Lightning Protection and Surge Arrest Systems are compliant with regulations and in full working order to protect your people and assets from a strike.

  • What is Lightning Protection and why do I need it?

    Lightning is caused as a result of high voltage currents, its unpredictable and can strike during any season of the year. We have all noticed the increase in storm clouds and extreme weather conditions, making lightning strikes a high risk to property, people and our valued assets.

    We would assume that lightning will always strike the top of the tallest object in its path, but it is as possible for lightning to strike very close to the base, and can cause damage not only to that object but to anything nearby.

    Did you know that approximately 350,000 lightning strikes hit the ground in the UK each year, with a minimum of 25% causing severe damage, and that the proximity to water increases the risk of taking a strike.

    Lightning strikes may appears a continuous force, but are only really a series of shorts bursts, and typically are about 40m in length, but can span anywhere between 10 – 120 metres in length, followed by 4 – 5 or many more strokes, but each carries hundreds to thousands of amps.

    In large and heavy thunderstorms the total energy generated is said to be enough to power the whole of the UK for 20 minutes.

  • Lightning and Surge BS EN 62305 Principles

    The BS EN 62305 is made up of four areas:

    • General principles
      • The first part provides an introduction to the British Standard and explains the main procedures and processes on how to carry out Lightning Protection designs in accordance with the policy itself.
    • Risk management
      • This section is vital in Lightning Protection management and the BS EN 62305 dedicates a large section of its policy to this alone.
    • Physical damage to structures and life hazard
      • The BS EN 62305 implement four different levels of protection against lightning strikes, which are explained in great detail during this section. This was the main area of development from the withdrawn BS 6651 standard to the current BS EN 62305 standard which allowed our Lightning Protection Specialists to expand their knowledge and expertise to provide greater reassurance for our clients.
    • Electrical and electronic systems within structures
      • Here, the standard lays out the information around how best to protect electrical systems held inside buildings and structures.

    Heightsafe Systems are proud to employ a team of experts who are fully competent in all of the above principles and can accommodate for all our client’s individual needs, whilst maintaining the best value for money across the whole of the UK.

    Internal Lightning Protection

    One new addition to the BS EN 62305 was that of Internal Surge Protection which hasn’t had much recognition in previous standards. The legislation ensures that all lightning protection specialists who carry out any internal system works are fully aware of the risks of how a lightning strike can conduct an internal spark from building materials within a structure. It allows our experts to safeguard from the inside-out and provide Heightsafe System’s clients with the security they need.

Why Heightsafe?

The UK’s leading Lightning Protection installation, compliance testing and risk assessment specialists!

With over 50 years of combined industry experience and a decade of trading, you can focus on core business activity as Heightsafe’s specialist operative teams ensure your property, people and assets are protected via Lightning Protection and Surge Arrest systems that are correctly maintained and compliant with regulations. Working nationwide, operative teams are highly skilled and experienced, holding all relevant certifications and receiving regular refresher training to guarantee clients with the best quality results.

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Your Specialist Lightning Protection Partner!

Get in touch with Heightsafe’s friendly, professional team today for free, no obligation advice on your Lightning Protection requirements.

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