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Lightning Protection Installation at Bede Estates


The Client

The Bede Estate is situated in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets, comprising of over 15 properties dating back to the 1960’s, with more recent additions in 2011. The properties are made up of mostly 2- and 3-bedroom flats but have in recent years the estate has undergone a regeneration programme through the management of EastendHomes; and has seen the demolition of studio properties and the introduction of family-sized housing as a replacement.

Lightning Protection Install at Bede Estates

The Brief

Heightsafe were contacted by Electroplan on behalf of EastendHomes to design, supply, install and certify a comprehensive Faraday cage Lightning Protection System to meet the requirements of BS EN 62305: 1-4 (2012). The estate comprises many homes and residents, meaning if a lightning strike were to occur and there was no lightning protection in place it could lead to extensive damage.

An extensive Risk Assessment was first undertaken to determine the exact level of protection that should be installed – it was decided by our experienced Lightning Protection Estimators that a Level 3 Lightning Protection System was required.

The Solution

A Faraday Cage Lightning Protection System is made up of numerous down conductors or tapes that are placed symmetrically around the building to provide a path to safely ground lightning’s dangerous electricity. The Lightning Protection System is designed to intercept any potential lightning strike and withstand the impact without causing any damage to the structure, occupants, or contents.

The Lightning Protection System installed at BEDE Estate comprised of an Aluminium Air Termination Network and Down Conductors, an Earth Termination Network of copper-bond earth rods, and a Surge Protection Device.

Lightning Protection Installation at Bede Estate

The Outcome

Our Lightning Protection Engineers carried out extensive works to install Lightning Protection Systems on all structures across the BEDE Estate, leaving the residents and EastendHomes content that they are safe in the event of a strike and that their homes and contents are protected.


Contact Us

If you would like to discuss Lightning Protection Systems or Compliance Testing Services, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team who can provide a free consultation and quote.

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