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Multi Roof Access System Install in Essex


The Client

Ecovision, established in 2005 was the first company in the UK to design and install ground source heat pumps before expanding their services to include additional energy efficient solutions, including Solar PV systems. They now offer Operations and Maintenance, Asset Management and Development to businesses of all types, from infrastructure investors to councils and warehouses. Heightsafe were contacted by Ecovision on behalf of EcoTherm to install multiple work at height systems.

EcoTherm Insulation, based in Basildon, Essex, are one of the UK’s largest suppliers of PIR (polyisocyanurate rigid) thermal insulation board products. EcoTherm pride themselves on providing insulation solutions for the entire building envelope; with a product range that is suitable for use within flat and pitched roofs, walls, floors and ceilings in new and existing buildings.

EcoTherm’s boards are manufactured under strict management systems and ISO requirements and are recognised for their compressive strength, low weight, ease of installation and excellent thermal performance.

The Brief

EcoTherm contacted Heightsafe to provide a Safe Roof Access Solution and Work at Height System to allow access to the roof space at their headquarters in Basildon, Essex. When Heightsafe were contacted, the roof had no access system or edge protection, and so a site survey was initially completed to determine which systems we could provide to suit all their requirements.

There were also skylights on the roof as it is a large warehouse space, and so protection for those had to be factored in also. Finally, a Lightning Protection inspection was to be carried out and tested to ensure it was up to standard.

The Solution

After the initial site survey, it was determined that an Access Ladder with platform was the best route of access to the roof space. An 11 metre ladder was installed in line with BS 4211, complete with a security gate to ensure only authorised personnel had access. Additionally, Fixed Guardrail was the most suitable form of edge protection due to the roof surface. Over 200 metres of rivet fixed guardrail was installed to the metal deck roof sheets, in accordance with BS EN 13374-2013 Class A.

Finally, fixed mesh Skylight Protection covers were installed to protect the skylights beneath them, with all systems tested and certified to ACR {M} 001:2014 – these were also rivet fixed to the roof deck.

EcoTherm - Access Ladder Installation by Heightsafe

The Outcome

Heightsafe were able to install a complete roof protection solution, with all systems working in unison to provide safe access for EcoTherm personnel. The access ladders provide an efficient route to the roof and can be covered with a security cover. The fixed guardrail provides all round edge protection and peace of mind when operatives are on the roof, and the skylight covers not only protect those above when working to ensure they will not fall through the lights, but also protect those working below from potential falling debris or tools.


Skylight Fall Protection at Heightsafe

Do you Require Skylight Protection?

Heightsafe are expert installers of Skylight Protection, which is essential for workers above and below your building’s skylights. They present a fall risk to people and objects, and have a fragile surface that is not designed to take the weight of a person if they were to step on one.

Heightsafe can complete a site survey and determine the best form of skylight protection for your building. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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