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Safe Access Solutions for Royal Mails Harrogate Delivery Office


The Client

With roots dating back over 500 years to the era of Henry VIII, Royal Mail stands as one of the world’s oldest organisations. As a part of the IDS Group, which includes Royal Mail, Parcelforce, and GLS, they continue to shape the postal service landscape in the UK.

Renowned for milestones such as the introduction of the Penny Black stamp in 1840 and the iconic red pillar boxes in 1852, Royal Mail is a titan with over 130,000 employees and 1,400 delivery offices.

The Brief

Heightsafe has had the privilege of collaborating with Royal Mail over the past few years, delivering site surveys and innovative access solutions across their extensive network of offices. The focus recently shifted to the Harrogate delivery office, where Heightsafe’s installation division undertook a comprehensive project.

Some of the existing systems at the Harrogate site fell short of Royal Mail’s internal requirements, prompting the need for enhancements, including step units, ladder security gates on all access points, and toe boards for areas protected by fixed guardrails.

The Solution

Heightsafe responded by installing top-fixed guardrails on mezzanine levels where space constraints ruled out traditional weighted feet. This solution provides collective edge protection for personnel needing access. Kee Walk Step-Over Platforms were strategically deployed to navigate around various systems, pipes, and wires, ensuring safe passage. Toe boards were added to prevent objects from falling into the bustling depot below during maintenance activities.

Access ladders, featuring full-height access gates and ladder security plates, were installed in alignment with Royal Mail’s stringent requirements. These security measures effectively prevent unauthorised access to plant areas.

The Outcome

The delivered solutions align seamlessly with Royal Mail’s vision of collective safety. The implementation of top-fixed guardrails meant that no special training was necessary for personnel accessing mezzanine areas and utilising work-at-height systems. Now, all authorised personnel can navigate these areas securely, while stringent ladder security gates restrict access to only those who need it.

Heightsafe’s commitment extends beyond this project, with ongoing efforts to update systems at various Royal Mail sites across the UK.

Contact Us to Arrange a Site Survey

Heightsafe continues to offer comprehensive site surveys to evaluate existing systems and ensure they align with current British Standards and client requirements. To schedule a site survey or inquire further, please contact us at 020 3819 7199 or fill in our online enquiry form here.

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